York Project

Michigan State University

The York Project is a retail fashion design company with a cause. For every product that we sell, we donate a needed article of clothing to a homeless man or woman on the streets of an American city.  

York Project operates with a simple mission: to help those in need, and help make the world a better place to live by donating some of our good fortune to those around us. Give and get.

York Project started as a basement project in Livonia, Michigan and very quickly turned into much more than that.  We’ve sold more than 5,000 items in 29 states and seven countries which translates to serving over 10,000 individuals in need in every major region of the country – and we have no plans of slowing down!  We also have a plan in place to be employing the homeless by 2020.

Buy a hat or shirt in confidence knowing that you've helped us carry out our mission. Join the movement today, and be part of something larger than yourself.