MenuBubble Profile

Posted Jul 6th, 2020

MenuBubble is a healthy meal delivery service focusing on accessibility and convenience. MenuBubble offers chilled, macro-balanced meals palatable to everyone, including individuals with dietary restrictions.

Rueben Hewitt, MenuBubble Founder

What experience or person encouraged you to be an entrepreneur?

The journey started with an accidental click on a YouTube video. That error knocked over a line of dominos culminating in me discovering a web series called Leaders Create Leaders by a renowned entrepreneur named Gerard Adams. There was something about the stories being told in that series – each entrepreneur's wins & losses, the roller coaster of emotions, the passion – that breathed life into me; I was hooked. And so after a year of restlessness, I decided to stop working on things that only provided financial compensation, and instead focus on things that were also fun (emotionally compensating) and positively impactful (spiritually compensating).

What has been your biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur/startup?

My biggest challenge so far has been finding reliable people to join the team. I have a few comically bad stories about ex-employees that are more fitting of a reality tv show. Last year, however, I was finally able to assemble a quality team; most of the progress the company has made is attributable to them.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud that I took the leap. I was a 9-5’er through and through. At the time I started MenuBubble I had not sold anything EVER – not even a piece of candy to a sibling. The decision to leave a venerable career to pursue the unknown was and still is the biggest decision I’ve ever made. We’re only just getting started, but I could already say I’m better off because of that choice; I’m a lot happier and my days are far more exciting.


Malik Jackson, MenuBubble CEO 

What experience or person encouraged you to be an entrepreneur?

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with creating things and building things from the ground up. I would spend a lot of time as a child, breaking things down to see how it works and try to put it together to see if I can make something new out of it. With that, there were 3 things that really motivated me from studying chemical engineering to being an entrepreneur business developer:

- Working on things I am passionate about. Getting to build with a cause.

- Working on a project and seeing that coming into fruition.

- And Paul Jaques from the Hatch, who brought me into the light of entrepreneurship.  

What has been your biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur/startup?

I would say the biggest challenge is clearly separating time for work and having fun. I really enjoy what I do for a living, to the point that I call my job my hobby and spend a lot of time working. Things have gotten a lot better since I first started though.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my traction as a Freelance business developer and all the help I have given to startups. I can gladly say I have built a strong portfolio of helping passionate people with great ideas. Also proud to be brought onto the MenuBubble team as CEO. I am excited about this company's future and the value I can bring to the company and also the value this company can bring to everyone too!