Frizzmo Profile

Posted Jul 26th, 2021

Frizzmo is a savings debit card and mobile application, helping families make smart money decisions that support teachers and their classrooms with every purchase. 


Philip Holmes, Founder and CEO

An entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, Philip Holmes has failed in business more than ten times—but the Lawrence Technological University alumnus isn’t afraid to pivot.

Throughout his career, Philip has leveraged the relationships he’s built along the way—from working as an engineer, to launching education and professional services startup Pretch—in order to build his current platform Frizzmo: a Detroit, Michigan-based banking app where community members can give back to their local schools through daily purchase roundups (all while teaching kids responsible money management).

A thought leader with boundless energy and drive, Philip takes pride in energizing teams and helping people think outside the box. Already, he’s challenged the status quo by developing what he calls the 4 P’s of Business: Prayer, Passion, Participation, and Persistence. These, in Philip’s view, are crucial pillars in finding success as a startup.


1. What experience or person encouraged you to be an entrepreneur? 

For as long as I can remember, my mother has displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. My mother instilled the importance of ownership at an early age and encouraged me and my siblings to think big and make good decisions. Her mother(ism) helped me become the person/entrepreneur I am today.

2. What has been your biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur/startup?

Having failed in business over ten times and completely re-pivoting my efforts three times, I learned that the startup game was far from easy. Yet, these experiences only fueled my drive and more importantly, helped me establish valuable relationships and business building blocks along the way. 

3. What are you most proud of?

Favor, grace, mercy, and opportunity that has met at the intersection of readiness.